pankaj-nigamPankaj Nigam is a civil engineer by training and much of his 33 years of working life has been in the management of Urban Development & Town Planning projects for leading real estate developers and corporate world.

What weighed on Pankaj’s conscience each time he walked through the lifecycle of his projects – housing or institutional — was the woeful absence of any meaningful waste management  and sustainable development plans. Mostly, the recommendation for inclusion of waste management solutions was not signed off by the management – the reasons being apathy and cost-cutting – after all, what were the government’s landfills for!

Meanwhile, the environment continued to burn — poisonous mountains of polluting waste at landfill sites, cows and other animals dying from ingesting polythene at municipal and community waste bins, little children rummaging through putrefying garbage to salvage sellable  items and in turn getting infected and dying prematurely…

These are some of the things that motivated Pankaj Nigam to give up his top-bracket job and take up ‘The Cause’. Armed with his knowledge of township planning, project management, farm management and environment protection, he started “Legacy for Children” in 2016 to embark on the journey for providing the Legacy of a Cleaner World.

Pankaj is an Environment Protection junkie and conducts workshops & speaks regularly on Waste Management, Recycling, Organic Farming, Afforestation, Rain Water Harvesting, Water Conservation, Protection of Flora & Fauna, Climate Change and Solutions to Air Pollution.

He also conducts Eco-Audits and offers consultation to institutions, corporates, associations and even individuals in waste management, environment protection, organic farming, urban terrace farming, sustainable development and in  pollution control